IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications
15-19 April 2018 // Honolulu, HI // USA

Workshop on BigSecurity: Security and Privacy in Big Data

The Sixth International Workshop on Security and Privacy in Big Data

BigSecurity 2018




As we are deep into the Information Age, we witness the explosive growth of data available on the Internet. Hhuman beings have created quintillion bytes of data every day, which come from sensors, individual archives, social networks, Internet of Things, enterprise and Internet in all scales and formats. We face one of the most challenging issues, i.e., how to effectively manage such a large amount of data and identify new ways to analyze large amounts of data and unlock information. The issue is also known as Big Data, which has been emerging as a hot topic in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) research.

Security and privacy issue is critical for Big Data. Many works have been carried out focusing on business, application and information processing level from big data, such as data mining and analysis. However, security and privacy issues in Big Data are seldom mentioned to date. Due to its extraordinary scale, security and privacy in Big Data faces many challenges, such as efficient encryption and decryption algorithms, encrypted information retrieval, attribute based encryption, attacks on availability, reliability and integrity of Big Data.

This workshop offers a timely venue for researchers and industry partners to present and discuss their latest results in security and privacy related work of Big Data.



Submission: Jan. 6th, 2018  Dec. 30th, 2017
Decisions: Feb. 7th, 2018
Camera ready: March 9th, 2018 Feb. 28th, 2018


General Co-chairs

Professor Nirwan Ansari, New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA.
Dr Chonggang Wang, InterDigital Communications, USA

Technical Program Co-chairs

Dr Shui Yu, Deakin University, Australia
Professor Ke Liu, National Natural Science Foundation of China, China


Enquiries should be submitted to Dr Shui Yu (syu AT