IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications
15-19 April 2018 // Honolulu, HI // USA

Workshop on mmSys: Millimeter Wave Networked Systems - Call for Papers

Call for Papers

Millimeter-wave (mm-wave) systems are an exciting emerging field in wireless networking. Recent measurement and theoretical research results have outlined the fundamental feasibility of the key constituent components of mm-wave networked systems. Importantly, this early foundational research suggests that the large amount spectrum at mm-wave could be exploited to solve the “spectrum crunch” problem in next generation (5G) networks, by providing ultra-high speed wireless connectivity both for indoor WLAN and outdoor cellular deployments. Related work on mm-wave RF imaging and localization promises innovative applications that will enrich future networks with situational awareness.

Nonetheless, a great number of challenging problems must be tackled before mm-wave networked systems can become a mass-deployed reality. Crucially, the feasibility of practical mm-wave wireless systems is predicated on the existence of electronically steerable on-chip phased antenna arrays these remain commercially unavailable despite promising research results demonstrating their basic technological feasibility over a decade ago. Moreover, the short-range, directional nature of blockage-prone mm-wave links represents a design paradigm shift compared to conventional wireless networks operating at sub-6 GHz. This requires a fundamental rethink of all aspects of the networked system, including device hardware, channel modelling, mobility management, coordination, scheduling, user association, resource allocation, network planning, etc.

The goal of the mmSys workshop is to facilitate exchange among leading researchers working in the constituent subfields of mm-wave, to jointly consider systems and interdisciplinary aspects of mm-wave networks, and set out an integrated research roadmap towards making the great promise of mm-wave spectrum a reality.

We invite submissions of original contributions from across the spectrum of millimeter-wave networked systems research. Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • performance evaluation & design of mm-wave networks
  • system feasibility studies of mm-wave networks (incl. techno-economic aspects)
  • novel analytical models & methods
  • simulation tools & channel models
  • novel mm-wave network & system architectures
  • inter-layer (end-to-end) interactions
  • heterogeneous multi-frequency networks for seamless connectivity
  • measurements, experimental studies & prototypes
  • multi-user provisioning, scheduling, handover
  • network planning & optimization
  • beam steering & tracking algorithms
  • mobility management
  • mm-wave RF imaging & localization
  • implementation advances: steerable on-chip phased antenna arrays,small form-factor RF chain implementations for hand held devices, etc.