IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications
15-19 April 2018 // Honolulu, HI // USA

Workshop on MiSeNet: Mission-Oriented Wireless Sensor Networking - Call For Papers

Call For Papers

Over the last two decades, the recent and fast advances in inexpensive sensor technology and wireless communications has made the design and development of large-scale wireless sensor networks (WSNs) and cyber-physical systems (CPS) cost-effective and appealing to a wide range of mission-critical situations, including civilian, natural, industrial, and military applications, such as health and environmental monitoring, seism monitoring, industrial process automation, and battlefields surveillance. Wireless sensor and cyber-physical system networking has attracted the attention of practitioners and researchers from both industry and academia.

IEEE MiSeNet 2018 will aim to provide a forum for participants from academia and industry to discuss topics in mission-oriented WSNs and cyber-physical systems research and practice. IEEE MiSeNet 2018 will serve as incubator for scientific communities that share a particular research agenda in the area of mission-oriented WSNs and cyber-physical systems. IEEE MiSeNet 2018 will provide its participants with opportunities to understand the major technical and application challenges of mission-oriented WSNs and cyber-physical systems as well as exchange and discuss scientific and engineering ideas related to their architecture, protocol, algorithm, and application design, in particular at a stage before they have matured to warrant conference/journal publications. IEEE MiSeNet 2018 will seek papers that present novel theoretical and practical ideas as well as work in-progress, which will lead to the development of solid foundations for the design, analysis, and implementation of energy-efficient, reliable, and secure mission-oriented WSN applications and cyber-physical systems.